Agrobot – A breakthrough technology solution for agriculture

07:46 01/08/2019

Regarding the agricultural sector, Agrobot team from Tanzania brought to the competition AGROBOT chatbot application. This application uses artificial intelligence to provide services on chatbot via SMS to advise Tanzanian farmers on how to make agriculture modern with high-performance, thereby excellently reached the final round in Cambodia. A special feature is that Agrobot has been piloted in rural areas of Tanzania (5 villages have been piloted, 825 farmers have known the product, 771 people have agreed to sign up for the pilot and 584 farmers have paid 2 months subscription fee).

Team Agrobot with enthusiastic young people

According to Agrobot, in Tanzania, most farmers still work mainly based on experience. They are not disseminated necessary and accurate agricultural knowledge to have high yield crops. The study shows that only 20% of agricultural experts in Tanzania can find and disseminate knowledge to farmers. This situation will be improved when applying Agrobot's Chatbot SMS solution, which helps Tanzania's farmers and agriculture.