The vibrant atmosphere before the final of global start-up competition VietChallenge 2019

08:10 06/09/2019

On September 7, 2019, the final of the Global Startup Competition VietChallenge will be held at MIT, USA with the competition of 9 excellent teams, startups from many countries around the world.

As the fourth year of the competition, VietChallenge has become one of the most prestigious brands and has become a startup incubator in Vietnam, creating opportunities for young entrepreneurs to start learning and establishing relationships with reputable investment funds with domestic and international investors. This year, from the launch, the competition has received the attention of numerous young startups and collected more than 400 applications after the preliminary round.

In particular, this is the first year with the companion of Viettel Group, the competition has opened a special competition branch called Viettel Advanced Solution (VAS) - an open playground for technology enterprises, startups not only in Vietnam but also in all countries where Viettel is investing and running the business. After many intense rounds of competition, the list of the best nine teams has emerged.

1. Emmay: Emmay provides products from Mycelium (fiber) environmentally friendly. Emmay is the first biotechnology company in Vietnam to apply Mycelium technology in the production of environmentally friendly packaging.

2. Medlink: Medlink aims to change the drug distribution system in Vietnam by creating a platform that connects consumers, drug manufacturers and pharmacies nationwide.

3. Tubudd: Tubudd is an innovative platform supporting unique and unlimited service that connects travellers in Vietnam with local people.

4. Smilee Vietnam: Smilee Vietnam provides a simple, friendly tooth whitening set for consumers. Smilee products include tooth whitening glue that supports LED lights.

5. Oxtale: Oxtale is a D2C food distribution platform with a potential of over US $ 100 billion worldwide. The "Jumpstart" product supports users to cook their favorite dishes in 30 minutes with only 4 types of food.

6. No Spilled Milk: No Spilled Milk provides a distribution system from farmers to distributors of natural fruits and vegetables. The company will also work with processors to transform into fruit juice, helping to preserve the environment.

And the top 3 best teams in the Viettel Advanced Solution 2019, a special branch of VietChallenge 2019.

1. VVN AI (Vietnam) - Providing customized AI solutions to enable automated business processes, putting customers at the top of the competition by cutting costs and improving customer experience.

2. TiMobile (Indonesia) - The solution automatically replaces the ringtone of the recipient with a specific video set by the caller.

3. Graam (Vietnam) - Provide businesses with a cloud-based contact center solution that includes batteries without paying upfront costs.

In the period of joining BoothCamp, the teams are trained on presentation skills, visiting Boston startup ecosystem; approach and work with reputable investors in the US to call for investment ...

To prepare for the final, 9 teams will also participate in 5 days of extremely interesting BoothCamp training. In particular, three excellent teams from the Viettel Advanced Solution 2019 are fully funded by Viettel to attend the Final. This is a unique opportunity to help Vietnamese startups in particular and the teams in general to meet famous investors and experts in the field of startup, search for international investors and the consultants to complete the products, the marketing capability and the investment capital ...

The representative of Graam team - one of the excellent teams participating in the final of VietChallenge shared: “I think that competitions like VAS Track of Viettel will actively contribute to creating opportunities for international cooperation because it facilitates meetings and exchanges between domestic and foreign startups. ”

The Graam team (Vietnam) presents at the final round of Viettel Advanced Solution held in Cambodia on August 15, 2019

It can be seen that competitions such as VietChallenge increasingly prove effective in the goal of expanding the vision, market and investment capital for Vietnamese startups living, studying and working oversea. Especially with the companion of a reputable telecommunications enterprise like Viettel, it has helped startups not only open the shortest way to join an international playground, but also help to realize their plans and passions through investment cooperation. Currently, Viettel has negotiated to sign contracts, bring 50 products to Viettel's business system in Vietnam and 10 countries where the group is investing with a population of nearly 300 million people. It is expected that this year, many teams will become partners and exclusively share revenue from 45-75%. Enterprises like Viettel are contributing to the development opportunities for domestic and foreign startups.

Mr. Tao Duc Thang - Deputy General Director of Viettel Group, Chairman of Viettel Global said: “As one of the businesses that always upholds creative and innovative solutions in the field of information technology, telecommunications, Viettel respects and desires to turn innovative ideas into practical products and contribute to supporting the development of startup ecosystems in Vietnam ”.