VUIHOC.VN - Technology solutions for education

09:17 01/08/2019

As one of Vietnam's representatives to reach Viettel Advanced Solution Track 2019 finals, VUIHOC.VN is a prominent name in startups applying technology in combination with education. Being aware that the scale of the online education market for high school students (K12) in Vietnam is very large (estimated scale of 300 million USD) and average growth of over 30% per year, VUIHOC founding team has built an Elearning Platform that is highly intelligent and effective for users by applying advanced technology of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and analyzing large data (Big Data) based on student history on VUIHOC

VUIHOC has built a VSA (Visual - Self Preactive - Analytics) learning program with an advanced curriculum in the world according to Singapore standards - a very developed country in education in the world, with illustrated videos with flexible and lively lectures attached to the lesson to create interest and effectiveness for students.


Mr. Do Lam, Director and co-founder of VUIHOC education platform, shared: "Vuihoc joined this competition with the purpose of learning and evaluating the practicality of ideas and products. We aim to localize each country so every time we expand our application market to a new country, it requires a long research and preparation process.”

VUIHOC has currently launched the first version in Vietnam market, which is known as a fastidious market and has achieved impressive results when it has reached the monthly number of visits to 200,000 and about 40,000 daily users with an average usage time of each session up to 16 minutes. Based on visits and user growth, Vuihoc is ranked 3rd among top online education products for elementary students in Vietnam.