Viettel, in this regulation, is understood as the organizing committee of Viettel Advanced Solution track 2019 - the competition is organized by Viettel Telecom Corporation (Viettel Telecom). The objective of the competition is to find innovative and capable technological ideas and projects that can be commercialized and scaled up when combined with Viettel's available resources

a. Conditions of participation:

Attendees are individuals, teams, groups, organizations or companies. All individual / team members must be 18 years old and at least one member can present ideas in English lan- guage. Other cases must be approved by Viettel. The competition accepts products/ideas in all fields. There is no limit to the number of prod- ucts/ideas of each attendees.

The objects are not allowed to attend

  • - The idea / product has reached the final round of VietChallenge season 2016, 2017, 2018 and the ideas / products have reached the semifinals of VietChallenge season 2019.
  • - Ideas / products have been cooperating with Viettel in all markets.
  • - The competition team won the VietChallenge Championship in all seasons.

b. Registration documents

1) Required documents:

Each participating team must make an online registration through the website ww- w.vas.viettel.vn and submit a set of documents including:
(a) A project proposal in the form of a presentation slide. The project will focus on the following questions:
- Targeted market and market scale.
- The problem exists in this market. Team’s solutions.
- Business model of the team. How to operate the model.
- Explain the superiority of this solution compared to the solutions being applied.
- Has the team had a sample product, tried it out or has customers yet?
- List the names and roles of all co-founders in the team, briefly describe the experience and learning process of each co-founder.
(b) About 3 minute video presents the team's business idea.
(c) Fill in the registration form required by Viettel.

2) Optional material: A participating team may submit additional documents and ma- terials for the application.

3) Except for the case: Having an agreement with the team, Viettel has the right to publicize / distribute documents in the registration documents of the teams for the purpose of advertising for the competition, or introduce the team with investors of Viettel and the public, or for training. If the team does not want Viettel to publicly / or distribute the materials registered for the competition in any form, the team must send a request to the mailbox vas.track@viettel.com.vn. Viettel reserves the right to approve or reject this request.

c. Conflict of interest

Volunteers, judges, advisers and members of Viettel 2019 organizing committee and those directly related to the organizers are not allowed to join the competition. Direct stakeholders include spouses, biological parents, children and siblings - those who share common blood, are nurtured or married. The Head of the Competition Organizing Committee is responsible for controlling this issue.

d. Cooperation mechanism

1) For teams who reach the final round with a complete product / solution: Viettel has first access to the product through an exclusive cooperation contract for 3 years and / or use the image / name of ideas for communication. The teams commit that they will prioritize negoti- ating with Viettel first, after 02 months from the negotiation if the two parties cannot reach any agreement (principle contract, official contract ...), the team will look for the next partner.

2) Cooperation framework contract will be sent before the final day. By confirming to join Viet- tel finals, the teams agree with the cooperation mechanism of Viettel.

3) For teams that are currently at the idea level, Viettel representatives in each region are responsible for studying cooperation and support mechanisms in line with specific cultural, economic and social characteristics of each region.

e. Ethical standards

Viettel is allowed to disqualify participants of ethical violations, including fraud and cheat, or any acts that harm Viettel or other related parties.

f. Originality

All products and materials must be original of that individual / team.

i. Intellectual Property

Viettel is not responsible for any domestic or international ownership of the participating members.

- Members are responsible for their own assets

- Members must ensure their private information

g. Violate

All members must comply with the law. Any violation leads to disqualification of the right to participate in the competition and of the award given to the team.

h. Update

Viettel can update the regulation during the competition. All updated informa- tion will be posted on Viettel's website at http://vas.viettel.vn. The above regu- lation include all materials posted on Viettel's website; in the event of a dispute, the rules and regulation of the competition are used instead of any other mate- rial.

k. Governing law

The above regulations are governed by Vietnamese law. Any dispute between Viettel and participants will be reconciled by both parties. Each party has the right to sue in Vietnamese courts only when the two parties do not come to the agreement within 180 days from the date of the dispute.


A. Preliminary round

The VAS track 2019 preliminary round starts receiving applications at 00:01 on June 15, 2019 and closed at 23:59 on July 15, 2019. Late applications are not ac- cepted and Viettel only accepts applications that satisfy all of the above condi- tions from (a) to (k).
Preliminary round results will be published on August 1, 2019

B. Final round

a. Post-preliminary roadmap

Maximum 10 teams will be selected for the final round. The finalists will receive an invitation from the organizer to make visa in order to join Viettel final round and the VietChallenge final round.
Each team is funded up to 2 members to participate in the final competition.
Each team is guided 1-1 by a mentor who is an expert in the respective field.

C. VietChallenge Final Round

03 best teams from the Viettel finals will travel to Boston, USA to attend the start-up training week (Boot Camp) and compete with teams who reached the final of VietChallenge 2019 at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T).

Each team that reaches the finals has 15 minutes to present their business ideas to the judges and the audience, in which:

a) 5 minutes to present ideas and introduce products, and

b) 10 minutes for questions and answers.

Each team must submit presentation materials for the final round no later than August 31, 2019. Documents submitted late will not be accepted unless decided by the organizer.

c. Obligations of the teams that reach the finals

Finalists are required to attend the main media events of VietChallenge. Details of events will be updated at the website https://VietChallenge.org. The absent team may be eliminated from the global finals unless decided by the organiz- ing committee.
All teams must have at least one representative member at the Final round. We do not accept remote competitions except under special circumstances reviewed by the organizing committee.
Note: In any round, if a team withdraws or is not eligible to compete, Viettel reserves the right to replace that team with another team from the registered list.
All rounds will be recorded, published and distributed by Viettel to investors and the public. Viettel reserves the right to publish, distribute and broadcast all con- tent related to the teams selected by Viettel.

d. Awards

Viettel's champion team 2019 will receive VND 100,000,000 in cash, the second team will receive VND 50,000,000 in cash; The third team will receive 20,000,000 in cash.

Up to 03 best teams will be sponsored by Viettel to participate in the entrepreneurship training week and VietChallenge Finals 2019 in Boston, the US.

The value of each cash, after subtracting all taxes and fees by law, will be transferred in the form of a check or bank transfer to the winning team within 180 days after the end of the Final round. Each contest team is obliged to provide all information required by Viettel, serving the transfer and payment of prizes according to the law.

e. Criteria

Below are the criteria that we hope to see in all applications:

1. Business model and product quality

- Novelty of business ideas

- Commercialization capacity and market size

- Value of the product

- Quality of products from customers

- System of product business processes

- Current revenue and number of customers

2. Personnel performance

- Suitable expertise

- Ability

3. Presentation skills

- Presentation and presentation skills

- Language use skills

4. Implementation plan

- Business plan

- Plan to use bonuses, proposals for cooperation with Viettel

5. Technology and technology applied

- Technology applied

- Vision and technology orientation